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Hangzhou Immuno Biotech Co., Ltd. Will focus on the human medical diagnostic field and mainly cover the following directions:rapid tests for vector-borne diseases(VBDs),rapid tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),rapid tests for respiratory system diseases and rapid teses for digestive system diseases. Besides, with strong R&D capability,we would pay more attention to the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).
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IMMUNOBIO R&D and produce high quality COVID-19 test kits, and also provide uncut sheet and Proteins.

About us

Hangzhou Immuno Biotech Co.,Ltd is the original organization in Immuno Group. The team of Hangzhou Immuno Biotech has developed a series of proteins and rapid test kits for the in vitro diagnostic industry in early stage. Gradually, IMMUNO was well known as a good R&D partner and good supplier of veterinary rapid test products.

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  • >50

    With more than 50 patents, which are gradually being translated into products and services for customers

  • > 15%

    More than 15% of annual sales are invested in product research and development

  • >100

    In the past year, we have provided technical support and services to more than 100 companies in the same industry

  • > 50%

    In recent years, the company's annual sales growth rate is more than 50%, more and more customers choose us

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