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Hangzhou Immuno Biotech Co., Ltd is the original organization in IMMNUO Group, which was established in 2014. The team of Hangzhou Immuno Biotech has developed a series of proteins and rapid test kits for the in vitro diagnostic industry in early stage. Gradually, IMMUNO was well known as a good R&D partner and good supplier of veterinary rapid test products. With great patience and continuous investment in design and development of IVD relative reagents and test kits, we got several encouraging achievements in the past year, especially in veterinary diagnostic field.

When COVID-19 attacked, IMMUNO has also put its eyes on the development of diagnostic tools for Sars-Cov-2 virus with all its esteemed colleagues in the world. IMMUNO has participated in the fighting with the epidemic and made a contribution. With a deep reflection, IMMUNO has realized the possibility of potential pandemic of zoonosis in future between human beings and animals. Diseases between human and animal are important projects what we are familiar with and then we decided to persue the "One Health" philosophy from then on.

To achieve that goal, IMMUNO has decided to focus on the development of rapid testing tools for zoonosis diseases and formed a joint action within our group. Now, we have a scientific team to analyse and develop recombinant proteins and antibodies, a technical team to apply the proteins and antibodies to immunoassay format, and also a joint team to study the diseases themselves and their possible application scenarios.

Hangzhou Immuno Biotech Co., Ltd. will focus on the human medical diagnostic field and mainly cover the following directions: rapid tests for vector-borne diseases(VBDs), rapid tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), rapid tests for respiratory system diseases and rapid tests for digestive system diseases. Besides, with strong R&D capability, we would pay more attention to the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

IMMUNO will continuously contribute to the development of diagnostic tools for the whole human society and nature world.

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