COVID-19 Rapid Neutralizing Antibody Diagnostic Test Kit (COVI-19 Nab)

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Used For COVID-19 Rapid Neutralizing Antibody Diagnostic Test Kit
Specimen Serum, plasma, or whole blood
Certification CE/ISO13485/White List
MOQ 1000 tests
Delivery time 1 week after Get payment
Packing 20 test kits/Packing box50 boxes/CartonCarton Size:64*44*39cm
Test Data Cutoff  50ng/mL
Shelf Life 18 months
Production Capacity 1 Million/Week
Payment Bank transfer

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What is Neutralizing Antibody?

Neutralizing antibody (NAb) is antibody that protect cells from pathogens (disease-causing organisms). They are part of the body’s natural immune response, and their production is triggered by infections and vaccines against infections.

Neutralizing antibodies can lead to lifelong immunity to certain infections, and can be used to see if the body have developed immunity to infections after they have recovered from the infection.

COVID 19 antibody test

So Covid-19 Neutralizing Antibody test kit is a fast test method used to test whether the people has developed a corresponding resistance after being infected with the coronavirus or after being injected with a COVID-19 vaccine.



  1. Fast test, 10 minutes show result
  2. Easy operation, no need professional equipment, easy test and easy read result
  3. All documents ready, CE/ISO13485/Chinese White list
  4. Free Sample Available



How to test for COVID-19 Rapid Neutralizing Antibody Diagnostic Test Kit


Before testing, take the test kit, sample, buffer, and/or control to reach room temperature (15-30°C).

1. Before opening, put the sachet at room temperature. Remove the test kit from the sealed bag and use it immediately.

2. Place the test kit on a clean level surface.


For serum or plasma specimens:

Hold the dropper vertically, pull the sample to the filling line (about 10μL), then transfer the sample to the sample well (S) of the test device, then add 3 drops of buffer (about 90μL) and start the timer. See the figure below. Avoid trapping air bubbles in the sample well (S).

For whole blood (vein/finger) specimens:

To use the dropper: hold the dropper vertically, take out the sample 0.5-1 cm above the filling line, then transfer 2 drops of whole blood (about 20μL) to the sample hole (S) of the test device, and then add 3 more drops Buffer (about 90 uL) and start the timer. See the figure below.

To use a micropipette, use the pipette to draw 20μL of whole blood and dispense it into the specimen well (S) of the test device, then add 3 drops of buffer (about 90μL) and start the timer. See the figure below.


3. Wait for the colored lines to appear. Read the result at 10 minutes. Do not interpret the results after 15 minutes.




-Positive sign (+): Only C line is displayed, or T line is equal to or weaker than C line. This indicates the presence of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies in the sample.

-Negative sign (-): When the intensity of T line is stronger than C line, both T line and C line will appear. This indicates that there is no SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody in the sample, otherwise the titer of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody is very low.

-Invalid: The control line cannot be displayed. Insufficient sample size or incorrect operation method is the most likely cause of control line failure. Review the program and repeat the test with the new test. If the problem persists, please stop using the test kit immediately and contact your local dealer.

The expected result of the vaccination reference.

The results of carrying the COVID-19 vaccine are expected as follows.

-Before the first dose: negative by rapid test

-3 weeks after the first dose: weak or moderately positive

-1 week after the second injection: Moderate or highly positive

-2 weeks after the second dose: moderately or highly positive

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