Covid vaccine test Neutralizing Antibody Rapid Test Kit

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Used For Covid Neutralizing Antibody Test
Specimen Serum, plasma, or whole blood
Certification CE/ISO13485/White List
MOQ 1000 test kits
Delivery time 1 week after Get payment
Packing 1 test kits/Packing box20 test kits/packing box
Test Data Cutoff  50ng/mL
Shelf Life 18 months
Production Capacity 1 Million/Week
Payment T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Covid vaccine test Neutralizing Antibody Rapid Test Kit

Neutralizing Antibodies testWhat are Neutralizing Antibodies

Not all the antibodies are neutralizing. Non-neutralizing antibodies, or binding antibodies, are able to bind to viral antigens but do not block viral infection. Binding antibodies can flag the viral antigen to trigger immune responses but the presence of binding antibodies does not reflect the level of immunity. Neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) are antibodies that not only bind to viral antigens, but also block viral infection. The presence of NAb can be used to evaluate immunity status after infection or vaccination.

Neutralizing Antibody Rapid Test Intended Use

The 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has several structural proteins, including spike (S), envelope (E), membrane (M), and nucleocapsid (N). The S-protein contains a receptor binding domain (RBD), which can recognize the cell surface receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2). In a recent study, neutralizing antibody (NAb) can block the interaction between the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the novel coronavirus spike protein with the ACE2 cell surface receptor. The level of NAb, therefore, can be used to analyze a patient’s immunity against future SARS-CoV-2 infection. This COVID-19 neutralizing antibody lateral flow assay rapidly detects any antibodies that can neutralize the RBD-ACE2 interaction.

COVID 19 antibody test


A. Blood test, finger whole blood is feasible.
B. Cut-off value is 50ng/mL
Simple operation, no additional materials are required to run the analysis

Neutralizing Antibody

Authorized certifications

  1. CE/ISO13485
  2. White List

COVID19 neutralizing antibody (17)

Specimen collection and preparation

Nab test


Test Procedure

Neutralizing AB test kit


Interpretation of Results

Test 01

The color intensity of the test line region (T) was inversely proportional to the concentration of anti-SARS-COV-2 neutralizing antibodies in the sample. The lower the color intensity of T line, the higher the concentration of neutralizing antibody in the sample .
It is necessary to compare the color intensity of the test line area (T) with the standard color card as shown in the instruction manual (Figure 5) and then determine the test results.
1. Neutralizing antibody is positive
T line color intensity reached G8 and below standard, indicating the presence of neutralizing antibody in the sample to be tested. When T line does not develop color, it indicates that there is a strong level of neutralizing antibody in the tested sample.
2. Negative neutralization antibody
The color intensity of T line is above G9, indicating that there is no neutralizing antibody.

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