ImmunoBIo latest clinical report, the results are highly similar to the Roche test!!!

On November 30th, we received a clinical report on our COVID-19 product. Mrcrobe & Lab conducted clinical trials on the new crown antigen detection products of IMMUNOBIO and Roche. IMMUNOBIO’s product sensitivity is as high as 90.7%, which is a bit higher than Roche’s 90.0%.

Microbe&Lab BV is founded by two Dutch University professors from which Prof. Dr. Servaas A.
Morré is the founder. Prof. Dr. Morré personally coordinates all studies performed, emphasizing the quality and validity of our setting.
Microbe&Lab BV is a Dutch Government (represented by the RIVM (The Dutch CDC called The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)) Approved Laboratory for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics. This accreditation has been provided after a series of thorough tests of the laboratory facilities including testing of blinded SARS panels and serial dilutions.
The lab is ISO 9001 accredited and ISO 15189, an ISO for Medical Laboratories, has also
been granted

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Post time: 2023-11-16 21:50:44
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