WHO: Last week there were nearly 4.4 million new confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide; Philippine officials admit that the Philippines’ information management capabilities are insufficient

On August 31, local time, the WHO released the weekly epidemiological report of COVID-19. Last week, nearly 4.4 million new cases were confirmed globally. Except for the Western Pacific region, the number of new cases increased, and new cases in other regions Both declined. There has been a significant increase in new deaths worldwide, and a sharp drop in new deaths in the Southeast Asia region.

The five countries that reported the most cases last week were the United States, India, Iran, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. At present, there have been cases of delta variant infections in 170 countries and regions.

Source: CCTV news client

Vince Dizon, the head of the Philippines’ COVID-19 testing affairs, admitted today that the country currently does not conduct enough tests to help curb the spread of the new crown virus.

Vince Dizon said: “Last week, our highest number of single-day monitoring was about 80,000 samples, and the average of 70,000 samples was tested every day in the past week. This is the highest level in the history of the country. But the question is, is this enough? ? I think it’s still not enough.”

The official reiterated that the authorities still follow the new coronavirus detection strategy based on the risk of infection, which means that only people who have symptoms of the new crown, have had close contact with the confirmed patient, or come from a high-risk area of the new crown can be tested. He added that the government must also invest in contact tracing, quarantine of new crown testers, and vaccinations.

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