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Efficiency:Efficiency is the keyword to describe our R&D programs.

To develop a recombinant protein: 7 days as the shortest

To develop a rapld test: 2 days as the shortest

To dellver an order: 3 hours as the shortest

Patience:Patience is the style of our R&D team.

To solve the basic technology to form colloldal gold, our team has tired 325 times in one month  and optimized the conditions.

To solve the renaturatlon of proteins in inclusion body, our team has tried 128 kinds of composition to the buffer.

Remarks: The listed medical diagnostic kits are just part of the available products in our list. Some more kits would be available in this year as planned. If you want to Customize some special rapid test kit, please feel free to send your inquiry to our mailbox for further discussion.

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